Lemmings is a game that marked my childhood, it was one of the first PC games that made me frustrated in a good way, I couldn't quite solve the puzzles but I knew it was my fault and not the games'. I haven't played the game since but it has always been in a special place in my memory, so I wanted to make a simpler version of the game, but in the way that I remember, using only my memory as reference. I've done it as an entry for "One Game a Month" using PICO-8.

The game is quite simple, take the lepicons from one portal to another using themselves as tools, or even sacrificing some for a greater good.

Controls: (are explained in game as well)

  • Arrows move the cursors
  • Z changes the action to be applied (check the bar on the bottom)
  • X applies the action to the lepicon closest to the cursor
AuthorAndre Castel
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, lemmings, PICO-8, Pixel Art

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